Beautiful Places in Africa For the Tourist

Africa is a continent full of wonderful places to see. There are several thousands of most beautiful places in Africa for everyone to see. So people from all over the world visit Africa in very large numbers every year. There are places of natural beauty like rainforests, national parks, grasslands and many other related places where one can spend a lot of time happily. Along with them, there are also places of historical importance like the pyramids of Egypt etc which are among the Seven Wonders of the World. So if you want to go for a tour during your free time, Africa is the best place for that. Now let us see some interesting places for tourists.


Kruger national park: This national park is the most wonderful and highly cherished places in Africa. This national park can be considered as a paradise for wildlife. It covers a huge area of over 19,633 square kilometers. It is located at the northeastern region of South Africa. Its length is about 360 km and breadth is approximately 65 kilometers. This park is identified as one of the most important places of natural beauty by the IUCN. There are mainly nine gates that allow the people to enter into the park from different corners. There are a large number of animals that are there in this national park. Let us see what those animals are.


Among the carnivores, the most important animals that can be seen in this national park are African lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, African hunting dogs, serial etc are the carnivores that one can see here. Among the herbivores also, there are many different animals like zebras, wildebeests, African elephants, white and black rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffe, wild boars, wart housed hogs etc are the most important herbivorous animals that one can see in this national park. Hence the people visit this place from all over the world in millions of numbers every year.The diversity of animal life is really wonderful in this park. Along with all the above-said animals, there are many other animals like greater and lesser kudu, Impala, Topy etc are also present in very large numbers in this place. So this can be regarded as one of the biggest game places in the world.


Reptile diversity of the park is also amazing. There are a large number of venomous snake species in this region. Most of these venomous snakes are from the family elapidae. Several species of cobras, four species of mamba, death adders and other snakes are the most important members of family elapidae that are found here. Mambas are regarded as the most dangerous snakes in the world, because they are very quick and every year thousands of deaths occur due to bites of Mambas. Oriental green Mamba and black mamba are the most dangerous among them.

The Giza pyramids of Egypt are the most important structures that everyone who goes to Egypt must watch. Let us see the beauty of these pyramids. They are undoubtedly among the wonders of the world, because they are the most beautiful and at the same time the best architectural designs in the world. The height of these pyramids varies significantly, but among them, the tallest pyramid is 481 feet tall. The base of this pyramid is 756 feet wide.The materials used for making these pyramids include limestone blocks. Estimation says that the number of bricks used for making the walls of the pyramid is around 2.3 million. These pyramids are the tombs of great pharaohs of Egypt who were ruling the country several thousand years ago. Casing stones of these pyramid walls are also wonderful stones that have given their own contribution to the strength of the walls of these pyramids. This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places in Africa for tourists.


So what are the reasons for which the people would like to go on a trip to such places? The most obvious reason is for getting some relax from their restless and monotonous job. Travel gives a lot of relaxation to your mind. If you are in a job which demands a lot of time and dedication, you need to spend the whole day in the workplace, which places a lot of pressure on your shoulders. In such cases, you need to plan for some trip to some beautiful places  in Africa and can spend your time happily there. That will help you to improve your physical and mental health.